Mostly Waltz

Mostly waltz to the music of Mary Lea and Kate Barnes at our May dance.

Sunday, May 6, music for our final dance before the summer break will be supplied by Mary Lea and Kate Barnes, with a dance workshop taught by Marc Casslar. Enjoy a preview of Mary and Kate’s music here, and find out more about Marc here.
June, July, August, and September, no Mostly Waltz dances.
Sunday, October 7, join us for the first Mostly Waltz dance of the new season. 

Come for a free beginner workshop before each Mostly Waltz dance.

Free snacks at HCD Mostly Waltz dances.

HCD’s Mostly Waltz events are from 3:00–6:00 the first Sunday afternoon of every month (except summer months, when we take a break) at Griffith Academy in Wethersfield. If you’re new to waltzing, come early for a free beginner lesson from 2:30–3:00. In addition, during band breaks we have mini-lessons on some aspect of waltz or another popular dance style. Our dances feature waltzes, waltz mixers, and other couple dances (though you needn’t come as a couple as there are plenty of singles to dance with). Every third tune is a tango, swing, foxtrot, or other couple dance.

General admission to our dances is $15, or $7 for students (with school ID). Volunteers are normally reimbursed for their admission charge in exchange for a half-hour of their time, provided we are able to cover our costs for that dance. If you’d like to be included on our roster of prospective volunteers, complete the form at the bottom of this page, including your name, email address, and “I’D LIKE TO VOLUNTEER” in the Subject field.

View a video of a recent Mostly Waltz dance here.

View a printable flyer of upcoming Mostly Waltz dances here.

View a printable schedule of upcoming Mostly Waltz
and all other HCD events here.

The Mostly Waltz Committee is made up of (left to right) Linda, Ken, Wendy, and Laurel.

The point person for HCD’s Mostly Waltz dances is Linda, and she’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to get in touch with her concerning Mostly Waltz, complete the form below.

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