2nd-Saturday Contra

Fifer’s Delight will provide eminently danceable music at our February dance.

Saturday, February 9, we’ll be dancing to old friends of ours, the band Fifer’s Delight, known for the “best of New England contra dance music.” Joining them will be caller Don Heinold. More about the band here.
Saturday, March 9, we welcome back Eric Eid-Reiner (piano) with David Cantieni (flute, whistle, saxophone) and Ron Grosslein (fiddle). Rich Sbardella, one of our regulars, will be the caller. Read everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Eric here.
Saturday, April 13, the Please & Thank You Stringband, aka Dave Howard (guitar, mandolin) and Bill Walach (mandolin), both well-known musicians in this part of the country, make their debut appearance at our dance. Read about P&TYS here. Caller for this dance will be our good friend Bill Fischer.

Our monthly 2nd-Saturday contra dances are held from 7:30–10:30 p.m. the second Saturday of each month at the Griffith Academy in Wethersfield. (Prior to the dance, beginning at 5:45, there is a free contra-jam session for musicians. Learn about the jam here.) If you’re new to contra dancing, or even if you want to brush up on your contra moves, join us prior to the dance, at 7:15, for a free beginner’s workshop. All contra dances are taught and prompted by the caller and our dances are smoke-, alcohol-, and fragrance-free. Find out more about contra dancing in general here, and read about our other monthly contra dance, the HCD Quiet Corner Contra dance here.

More photos here.

The regular adult admission for the monthly HCD 2nd-Saturday Contra dances is $12, $5 for students (with ID), and free for volunteers and children 12 and under. We are currently running a get-in-free promotion: If you haven’t danced with us in 2016–18, we’ll admit you for free; if you have danced with us but bring a friend who has not, we’ll admit both of you for free. In exchange for a half hour of their time, volunteers are also admitted free. If you’d like to be included on our roster of prospective volunteers, complete the form at the bottom of this page, including your name, email address, and “I’D LIKE TO VOLUNTEER” in the Subject field. Finally, if our admission charges represent a hardship for you, let us know. We are willing to work with you.

We publish a newsletter, the HCD Contra Bulletin, that we email to our dancers a few days prior to each of our regular 2nd-Saturday Contra dances, reminding them of the upcoming dance and providing them with information about the dance. You can see the most recent edition of our newsletter here, and if you’d like to be added to the list of those who receive it, complete the form at the bottom of this page by including your name, email address, and “SIGN ME UP” in the Subject field of the form.

Refreshments are provided halfway through regularly scheduled 2nd-Saturday Contra dances.

If we haven’t answered all your questions about our HCD 2nd-Saturday Contra dances, we’ve prepared an FAQ flyer that might be just what you need. View or download it here.

View a printable schedule of upcoming 2nd-Saturday Contra dances here.

View a printable schedule of upcoming 2nd-Saturday Contra dances
and all other HCD events here.

View a slideshow of a recent 2nd-Saturday Contra dance here.

View a video of a recent 2nd-Saturday Contra dance here.

The HCD Contra Committee is made up of (l. to r.) Rob, Pam, Dave, Jen, Sal, Jay, and Brad.

Volunteers make our dances possible. The folks sitting at the Admission Desk when you first enter are volunteers, and there is a committee of volunteers ultimately responsible for the dances as a whole. If you’d like to get in touch with the HCD Contra Committee concerning our dances, complete the form below.

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