Share your thoughts about your experiences at HCD dances, and we’ll include them here. It couldn’t be simpler: just write your testimonial in the Your Testimonial field of the form at the bottom of this page; include your first name and the town you live in only if you want to.

“I had such a fantastic time at the Swing Jam last night. I had never danced the country two step, but by end of the hourlong lesson I felt so confident dancing it. Thank you, thank you, HCD, for bringing these wonderful dances to us, and for hiring such talented people to play the music and teach the steps. The instructor was a real pro, the music was terrific, and I went home feeling so satisfied.” —Brenda, East Hartford

“I’ve been an HCD dance fan for years now. I started with the first-Friday swing dances in West Hartford and loved them so much that I thought I might try another HCD dance so I gave cajun/zydeco a try. I had never even heard of cajun/zydeco, let alone seen it danced, but after a short lesson the first time I went I knew how to do it, and I loved it. So now I go to swing dances and sometimes to cajun/zydeco too. Next I think I’ll try the contra dances.” —Anonymous, Glastonbury

“My wife and I are new to Connecticut. We moved here from California, and one of the first things looked for when we got here was a friendly place to dance. We love to swing. When we did a Google search for dancing in Connecticut we came across your website, and are we glad we did. Our first dance was a West Hartford swing, and we loved it. You’ve got us hooked.” —Rodney, New London

“Bravo, HCD!!!” Love your contra dances in Wethersfield.” The atmosphere, to say nothing of the exercise it gives me, is just what I need every month. Keep up the great work. You can count on me coming.” —Anonymous, West Hartford

“Please bring The Cartells back. Your swing dance in West Hartford last night was the bomb, and the Cartells were fabuloso. I could dance to them all night. —Jay, Haddam

“I was more than a little disappointed when you cancelled the [contra] dance last night, but of course I understood you had to because of the yucky weather. I sure hope you don’t do this often because when you cancel a dance you cancel a great time for me and my family.” —Anonymous, location unknown

“Happy to learn that Quiet Corner Contra Dance, which we have gone to for years, is now part of the Hartford Community Dance organization. Now all our favorite dances are HCD dances. Goody! —Doug and Judy, Coventry

I am relocating to Colchester, CT after living in Washington state for the last 13 years. I love dancing and although waltz is definitely my favorite, a close second is the Argentine tango – followed far down the line…. by west coast swing and a few others. I would appreciate … connecting with anyone living east of the river in the greater Colchester area who is part of your waltz group. —Jim, Colchester

Thank you for your testimonial.

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