Swing Jam

Masks and vaccinations are strongly encouraged, and we ask that all attendees complete the waiver/contact-tracing form described on the home page, Also, as was the case prior to the pandemic, drinking water and paper cups will be provided, but if you prefer not sharing the water spigot with others, feel free to bring your own water.

Saturday, March 25, we’ll be swinging to music selected for us by professional dance instructor Kelly Wybieracki, who will also provide the evening’s free lesson on the waltz. When Kelly isn’t DJing for HCD Swing Jam, she’s working her day job as a college professor in the Health & P.E Department at Eastern Connecticut State University. Meet up with her on Facebook here.

Saturday, April 22, championship dancer and dance instructor Joanne Lapierre will be our DJ for the evening, spinning tunes you’re gonna want to swing to. Joanne enjoys teaching all levels of students, focusing her instruction on technique and form, and for the free lesson at this event she’ll be teaching the nightclub two step. Find out more about Joanne here.

Not enough swing for you? Check out HCD’s other swing-dance events, HCD 1st-Friday Swing, held in West Hartford on the first Friday evening of every month. More information here.

On the fourth Saturday evening of every month (except July and August) lovers of swing gather from 8:00–10:00 at Temple Beth Torah in Wethersfield for the HCD Swing Jam. Though swing is not the only draw (our professional DJs also throw in the occasional waltz, Latin, foxtrot, hustle, and night club two-step), it is the main event. Also, there’s a free lesson featuring swing and other dances from 7:15–8:00.

General admission to the dance is $10.00, $8.00 for students (with school ID, please), and free for volunteers. If you’d like to be included on our roster of prospective volunteers, complete the form at the bottom of this page, including your name, email address, and “I’D LIKE TO BE A PROSPECTIVE VOLUNTEER” in the Subject field.

Some of the swingers at the annual Halloween HCD Swing Jam, held October 22. See more photos here and a short video of some of the dancers parading in costume here.

View a video of a typical HCD Swing Jam here.

The HCD Swing Jam Committee is made up of (l. to r.) Lisa (chair), Phil, Susan, Chris, and Savio.

The HCD Swing Jam Committee will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with them concerning HCD Swing Jams by completing the form below.

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