HCD Contra Jam Tune List

Here's a list of the tunes we've played most frequently, plus the ones (asterisked) we'll play at the HCD New Year's Eve contra dance. For each tune, I've indicated the key; the page number from the "Portland Collection" (pc), "Waltz Book" (w1), "Waltz Book II" (w2), "New England Fiddler's Repertoire" (ne), or "Fiddler's Fakebook" (ff); and the number of times we've played it.
 Tune Name                         Type    Source    Key  Plays
 Ashokan Farewell                  waltz   w1:14      D     7
 Atholl Highlanders                jig     pc:21      A    10
 Brenda Stubbert's                 reel    pc:40      a     5
*Briarpicker Brown                 reel    pc:41      D     3
 Bus Stop Reel                     reel    pc:44      a     8
 Connaughtman's Rambles            jig     ne:6       D     5
 Cooley's Reel                     reek    pc:54      G     5
 Cultivateur, le                   reel    pc:57      C     7
 Flowers of Edinburgh              reel    ne:122     G     5
 Frosty Morning                    reel    ff:114     a     4
*Jamie Allen                       reel    pc:109     G     3
 Julia Delaney                     reel    pc:115     d     5
 Lady Ann Montgomery               reel    pc:122     D     4
 Lark in the Morning               jig     ff:164     D     4
*Liberty                           reel    ff:168     D     4
 Lovers' Waltz                     waltz   w1:33      D     4
 Margaret's Waltz                  waltz   w1:34      A    11
 Mississippi Sawyer                reel    pc:137     D     4
 Montreal, Reel de                 reel    pc:138     G     4
*Morpeth Rant                      reel    ne:73      D     3
*Morrison's Jig                    jig     pc:140     e     8
*Muckin' o'Geordie's Byre          jig     ne:22      D     2
*My Love's But a Lassie            reel    ne:60      D     3
*Nail That Catfish to a Tree       reel    pc:146     G     5
*Out on the Ocean                  jig     pc:153     G     1
*Round the Horn                    reel    pc:170     G     6
*Sackett's Harbor                  reel    pc:171     a     3
*Sailor's Wife                     jig     pc:171     d     7
*Saint Anne's Reel                 reel    ne:139     D    10
*Scollay's (Scully's) Reel         reel    pc:178     e     9
 Sheebeg and Sheemore              waltz   w1:42      D     5
 Shepherd's Wife                   waltz   w1:43      G     6
*Ship in Full Sail                 jig     pc:183     A     5
*Spootiskerry                      reel    pc:189     G     5
*Steamboat Quickstep               jig     ne:21      A     3
*Swinging on a Gate                reel    ne:87      G     2
 You Married My Daughter, and Yet  reel    ff:295     G     5

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