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HCD Membership

HCD membership is free.  You can become an HCD member in two ways:
  • Get an HCD "frequent dancer card"
  • Sign up to receive HCD email announcements

HCD Frequent Dancer Card

Pick up a "frequent dancer card" and get it stamped at each regular HCD event; collect stamps for 8 paid admissions, and your 9th regularly-scheduled HCD dance is free.
  • You can pick up a "frequent dancer card" at any HCD event
  • Frequent dancer cards are valid for one year (Sept 1 thru Aug 31)
  • If you lose your card, you can pick up a new one at any HCD event.  If you later find the lost card, we'll combine the two for your 9th dance.  We cannot replace / reconstruct lost cards.
  • Special events (e.g., the Post-Thanksgiving contra with Wild Asparagus, and the New Year's Eve contra) are not eligible for free admission
  • Cards will be stamped at every regular HCD dance. Bring a guest? Get two stamps!
  • Free event admission is still available for volunteers (see the event organizer for details); but if you receive free admission as a volunteer, you won't also receive a frequent dancer stamp for that event

HCD Email List

HCD members receive email annou
ncements of dance-related info, including notices of special events and weather cancelations.

To sign up for our email list, please click the following link. 
We need only your name and email address.  The information you provide will be used only by HCD, and only for dance-related announcements. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Sign up for (or unsubscribe from) HCD Announcement Email List

Last update: 2011-01-23