Hartford Community Dance is led by a Board of Directors: From left to right, Wendy (Mostly Waltz), Jay (president, webmaster, 2nd-Sat. Contra), Linda (Mostly Waltz), Charlie (Scandi), Ruth (Quiet Corner Contra), Monica (Cajun/Zydeco), Lisa (treasurer, Swing Jam), Kate (1st-Fri. Swing), David (Cajun/Zydeco), Pam (2nd-Sat. Contra), Michèle (1st-Fri. Swing), Chris (Swing Jam), Dennis (Quiet Corner Contra), and Rob (secretary, 2nd-Sat. Contra).

To get in touch with the HCD Board of Directors, complete the form below. If your question or comment is for one of our particular dances (e.g., 1st-Friday Swing), to avoid delay use the contact form on that dance’s page.

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