Welcome, Dancers.

We are Hartford Community Dance, but you can call us by our nickname, HCD. We are a nonprofit, educational organization with one main goal—to provide folks in central Connecticut who love to dance as much as we do with opportunities to satisfy their dancing needs. We do this by having dances—lots and lots of alcohol-free and smoke-free swing, contra, Cajun/zydeco, and mostly-waltz dances in Central Connecticut. Except for one of our two monthly swing dances—the one we affectionately call the Swing Jam—we enjoy live bands at our dances (at the Swing Jam we feature professional disk jockeys). Our bands are the very best and come to us from near and far. We’ve been putting together dances for more than thirty years, bringing the joy of dancing to literally thousands of Connecticut dancers, and we’re delighted to have you join us.

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We’re looking forward to resuming HCD events as soon as conditions with respect to COVID-19 permit, possibly as early as this fall. (Check back here often to find out when our events resume.) When we do start dancing again, it looks like HCD’s Swing Jam, 2nd Saturday Contra, Cajun/Zydeco, and Mostly Waltz events will be held in the Temple Beth Torah synagogue hall, 130 Main Street, Wethersfield (see picture below), just down the street from Griffith Academy, where they were held prior to the pandemic. This wooden-floored venue is about the same size as the old one, and in roughly the same convenient location. See directions and parking information here. Future HCD 1st-Friday Swing and Quiet Corner Contra events will continue to be held where they were held before.

Temple Beth Torah hall in Wethersfield.

Whether you enjoy east- or west-coast swing, or maybe something in between, you’re gonna love our two swing dances every month. If live music is your preference, swing with us at the West Hartford Town Hall on the first Friday evening of each month. Learn more about our 1st-Friday Swing dance here. You say you enjoy swinging to DJ music? Then our Swing Jam is just the dance for you. It’s on the fourth Saturday evening of each month (except July and August) at Temple Beth Torah in Wethersfield. Learn more about our Swing Jam here. For you newbie and wannabe swingers, both dances offer a free lesson before the dancing begins.

HCD has two monthly contra dances—our Quiet Corner Contra dances on the first Friday of every fall, winter, and spring month at Patriots Park Lodge in Coventry, and our 2nd-Saturday Contra dances at Temple Beth Torah in Wethersfield on the second Saturday of every month. Both feature live music and a free lesson preceding each dance. Learn more about the 2nd-Saturday Contra dances here and Quiet Corner Contra dances here.

No, you don’t have to live in a Louisiana bayou to enjoy dancing to this toe-tapping live-band music: you’d be surprised how many Connecticut Yankees enjoy this high-energy dance form. Our Cajun/Zydeco dances are held at Temple Beth Torah in Wethersfield on the third Saturday of autumn, winter, and spring months (no Cajun/zydeco dances during the summer). Come for a free lesson at the start of these dances to learn what you’ve been missing, and read more about these popular dances here.

These more relaxing dances are held when we should be relaxing—Sunday afternoons—at Temple Beth Torah in Wethersfield. We call it mostly waltz because though most of what the live bands play are indeed waltzes, there are plenty of other dance forms to let you practice your other moves, too. Bring a partner or come alone; there will be plenty of others to dance with. Our Mostly Waltz dances are are held on the first Sunday of each month, though not during the summer. Find out more about these dances here.

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